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Innocent Spouse Chandler

Innocent Spouse

innocent spouse chandler az

Filing a joint tax return with the IRS means that both you and your spouse are filing as one. That means a shared responsibility that includes liability in the event back taxes are owed. When one spouse files the taxes and misreports, omits, or otherwise deceives the IRS, both spouses aren’t necessarily liable. If you’re an innocent spouse in Chandler, let the professional tax accountants at LBS Tax help you to utilize innocent spouse relief.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent spouse relief in Chandler is a system the IRS has put into place in order to protect innocent spouses. There are a variety of conditions that have to be met, and as tax professionals we can determine if you meet the qualification criteria. Our enrolled agent can also represent you before the IRS. This provides a unique benefit, and we can ensure all deadlines are met, all queries are responded to, and give you the best opportunity as an innocent spouse in Chandler.

When the IRS accepts your request for relief it can relieve you of all responsibility for paying penalties, interest, and taxes levied against a former or current spouse due to omitted or improperly reported items on your joint tax return. Any penalties, interest, and tax that do not quality for relief will still rest on both parties. We’ll carefully analyze your taxes to ensure that this amount is as small as possible.

Innocent Spouse Qualifications

Every situation is unique, and we look at every account on its own merits. The IRS will only accept a petition for relief from an innocent spouse in Chandler if they had no knowledge or reason to know about the submitted erroneous items. Different variables do come into play though. These include the amount and frequency of errors, and partial relief may be an option. To qualify you must:

innocent spouse chandler az

  1. Have filed a return jointly with a spouse or former spouse that now has an understatement of due tax from erroneously reported items.
  2. Establish that you had no reason to, and did not know, that there was an understatement of taxes.
  3. It can be determined that it is unfair to hold you liable for your spouse’s understatement after taking circumstances and facts into consideration.
  4. An innocent spouse in Chandler cannot receive relief if the IRS can prove a transferal of property between you and your spouse in order to commit fraud.

What is an Erroneous Item?

  • Any income your spouse received and failed to report on their tax form.
  • Any improper property basis, credit, or deduction claimed by your spouse (former or current).

As an innocent spouse in Chandler, acquiring relief from the IRS can be intimidating. We work with the IRS on a regular basis, and can provide you with the best opportunity to receive relief. There are a number of important factors the IRS considers, and our experts can present these in a favorable light. Considerations include spousal desertion, whether you received benefits from an understatement, separation, divorce, and much more.

As an innocent spouse in Chandler you deserve the best chance at relief, so don’t navigate innocent spouse relief alone. You have an ally. Call (480) 664-1249 or Contact Us today.

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