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Wage Garnishments Chandler

Wage Garnishment Chandler AZ

Wage Garnishments

At LBS Tax it is always our goal to provide individuals with the best service possible. When it comes to handling wage garnishments in Chandler, you won’t find a more dedicated, precise, and exceptional team of tax professionals. With over 15 years in business and more than 50 years combined accountancy and bookkeeping experience, we have the knowledge you need and experience you can depend on to deal with the IRS. We employ enrolled agents who are federally-authorized to represent your before administrative levels of the IRS. This allows us to directly work with the IRS regarding appeal, collections, audits, and wage garnishments.

Wage Garnishment Solutions

Individual Wage Garnishment Services Everyone deserves a good standard of living, but when the IRS garnishes your wages that standard can be severely reduced. If you have been the subject of wage garnishments in Chandler you don’t have to take it sitting down. Your employer’s hands are tied. Once the IRS has compelled them to garnish your wages, they have to comply. Just because your employer can’t do anything about your wage garnishments doesn’t mean LBS Tax can’t. We have over a decade of experience successfully handling wage garnishment cases against the IRS and restoring our client’s standard of living. We can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf in order to provide IRS tax debt relief by:

  • Filing any unfiled tax returns you may have
  • File an Offer in Compromise with the IRS on your behalf
  • Eliminate any tax penalties you may have incurred
  • Create a payment plan to handle any owed back taxes.

Don’t wait for Wage Garnishment

When the IRS has not yet garnished your wages you have even more options. If you have received a notice of levy or intent to levy from the IRS, there is no better time to act. We have had success stopping wage garnishments entirely when action is taken early enough. It is never too late for LBS Tax to help combat wage garnishments, so contact us today.

Business Wage Garnishment Services

Wage Garnishment Chandler AZAt LBS Tax we offer a host of payroll services. These not only save you time and ensure that you have perfect, accurate bookkeeping, they can save you trouble with the IRS as well. Wage garnishments vary depending on the work schedule of the individual employee. When works hours get cut, extend into overtime, or vacation and sick days are taken, wage garnishments are affected. If you make any mistakes when garnishing your employees’ wages, the IRS can hold you accountable. This can compound if it affects the employee in an adverse way. For instance, an employee was supposed to receive X amount of money on payday but an employer accidentally over garnishes and the employee cannot pay their bills. This can open up an employer to legal action by the employee on top of actions the IRS is now compelled to take. It is much simpler to let trusted, certified tax professionals like those at LBS Tax handle payroll and deal with wage garnishments in Chandler. We don’t just provide flawless bookkeeping and wage garnishment services, we provide peace of mind. Contact or Call LBS Tax today (480) 664-1249

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