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IRS Payment Plan Chandler

IRS Payment Plan

Receiving a notice of back taxes owed can be intimidating. You have current bills and obligations that may already be difficult to meet, and you may not have enough to pay the IRS back in full. Take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and call LBS Tax. You may qualify for an IRS payment plan in Chandler. An experienced tax accountant can help you work with the IRS, and LBS Tax President Sharon Lewis has been helping Chandler residents negotiate fair IRS payment plans that both parties can work with.

Your IRS Payment Solution

There are a number of actions the IRS typically takes before enforcing a collection action. These include sending you a written notification to inform you of the IRS’s intent to act. This is the perfect time to contact us for a consultation to determine how an IRS payment plan in Chandler can work for you. You will also have the chance to request a collection due process hearing, further extending your chance to act, but make no mistake, time is of the essence. When you fail to create an IRS payment plan the government can and will:

  • Levy your assets – The IRS has the ability to freeze your account and seize assets directly from it. The bank is required by law to comply. They can seize certain material goods like automobiles.
  • Garnishing your wages – The IRS can garnish your wages to collect back taxes. Your employer is required by law to comply and does not have to inform you before this occurs.
  • Place a tax lien on your property – This allows the IRS to recover owed taxes from the proceeds of any real estate sale you make. The lien will follow your property until your taxes have been fully paid.

IRS payment plan

These are preventable, but only if you act. We have an Enrolled Agent in Chandler, and can fully represent you before the IRS. An offer in compromise may lessen your debt, but these are not often accepted by the IRS. Successful filing of an IRS payment plan in Chandler is likely with the help of an experienced accountant at LBS Tax. These provide you with a chance to pay off your debt over time, helping to maintain your quality of life and ease your financial burden.

While your debt will continue to collect interest and penalties as you pay it off, we may be able to get your penalties removed entirely. If you choose to ignore the warnings sent by the IRS, there is a one-hundred percent chance they will come after your finances in any way they can. When you get on top of your debt with an IRS payment plan, you are in control. Letting the IRS dictate the terms of your debt repayment in Chandler relinquishes that power. Don’t let the IRS determine how you repay your money. Helping Chandler residents get their finances under their control is what we do. Don’t wait until your IRS payment plan becomes an IR payment command. Call (480) 664-1249 or contact LBS Tax today.We can also assist with business tax returns, bookkeeping, and tax audits.

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