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Payroll Services Tempe

Payroll Services Tempe

Payroll Services Tempe
As a medium or small business owner you only have so much time in the day. Assuming payroll duties in addition to business management can be an added stress. This may be further complicated when garnishments are necessary. For exacting payroll services Tempe business trust, LBS Tax is the complete payroll service provider of choice. We provide additional services to businesses including financial statements, business start ups, and bookkeeping.

Payroll services include:

Payroll Reports

Our certified accountants take payroll compiling off your hands. Our process ensures accuracy and ease.

  1. We pull your employees’ payroll data using specialized software.
  2. An accountant manually checks the data for accuracy.
  3. Verified payroll information is then compiled into an easy to read report for your review and sign-off.

Payroll Taxes

Tax season can present trouble later in the year if the correct amount of state and federal taxes are not taken out. Mistakes like this can be more than a burden on a small business, it can close it. With our professional payroll services, Tempe business owners can ensure they correctly follow tax guidelines.

Trouble with the IRS can be costly, and withholding the correct amount of taxes is an easy way to prevent it. After a pay period ends our accountants put a payroll tax report together for your business. These reports include taxes withheld and paid. With our documentation you’ll have the necessary tools to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Issuing Paychecks

Payroll Services TempeAfter your payroll reports have been approved, we can print out paychecks for you. Our tax firm can handle your needs whether you have dozens of employees or just one. We can also set up direct deposit for your staff through their respective banks.

Our payroll services also cover you at the end of the year. We will collate, review, and send annual tax statements to your employees.

Contact us for payroll services in Tempe today!

When you want accurate, timely, and complete payroll services from a team of veteran tax accountants call (480) 664-1249 or contact us today.

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