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Paycheck Garnishment

When the IRS or state garnish or levy your paycheck it really makes paying your monthly bill a problem. Even if you work extra hours to make up for the garnished amount they still take more. There is help once this occurs.

The IRS or the state are trying to get your attention in order to have you set up payment plan on balances that they have assessed. If the balance due is correct a payment plan can be set up directly with them if you can afford the monthly amount, they set for you. If you can’t afford the payment they set for you or your balance is greater than $25,000 you need an Enrolled Agent to set the payment plan for you. The IRS representatives’ job is to get you to pay the largest payment regardless of how it fits within your household budget. They don’t care if you can’t afford your regular and necessary expenses. That is where an Enrolled Agent trained in representation can help you get the best possible payment
plan for you.

We can set up an installment agreement based on your financial obligations and help make a plan to get you back on track with the IRS and state.

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Paycheck Garnishment

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