IRS Problems – Mom’s Story

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Do you have a tax problem? Are you getting letters from the IRS or your state revenue department or
franchise tax board? Do you know you owe and don’t even want to get the mail anymore because of
the IRS letters and knowing you can’t solve this?

I can help. My first IRS problem case was my mom. After my dad passed away she went to someone
who didn’t ask her the right questions and she ended up owing a lot of money. One day I came home to
visit, opened the cupboard to get a mixing bowl out and all this mail came crashing down when I opened
the door. It was a stack of IRS notices fell out.

When I asked mom about it she told me she owed the IRS almost half her annual salary. These notices
had been coming for several years and my mom didn’t know what to do. Dad had always handled the
finances and she was overwhelmed. It was to the point that they were levying her bank account and she
was afraid to even deposit her paycheck. She didn’t know what to do.

I was in school at the time studying for my degree. I took the envelopes, sorted through and worked out
a plan for my mom.

Tax problems happen; it’s our job to help you get back to living your life.



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