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Collection Appeals Chandler AZ

Our Team Can Help You With Collection Appeals

If you believe you’ve been unfairly targeted by the IRS or Arizona government for a collection, collection appeals in Chandler may be right for you. At LBS Tax we specialize in dealing with the IRS. We help clients at every stage in the collections process. Collections appeals allow you to contest and appeal a notice from the IRS. If you’ve received any of the following, we can help determine if collection appeals in Chandler are the right choice for your situation.

  • Notice of Federal Tax Lien
  • Notice of Seizure
  • Notice of Levy
  • Termination or Denial of Installment Agreement

Navigate The Collection Appeals Process With An Expert

As an Enrolled Agent, we can represent you during the collection appeals process. This allows us to make contact with the IRS on your behalf, delivering requested documentation and forwarding communications to our office. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks and the correct responses are made within established time limits. Communication with a Collections manager is required in order to begin the collection appeals process in Chandler. We’ll explain exactly why you are appealing the IRS’s decision. Before we do we’ll discuss your options with you, so that we can offer a solution that is agreeable to you and has the best chance of acceptance by the IRS.

There are some marked benefits when you choose us to represent you for your collection appeals in Chandler.

Your Collection Appeals Officer in Chandler

Collection Appeals Near Me Chandler Az

Collection appeals in Chandler require the participation of an impartial Appeals Officer. We are authorized to act as your Appeals Officer on behalf of the IRS. This allows us to present a course of action that is favorable to both parties. As your Appeals Officer, the IRS also provides us with significantly more latitude than you would receive working independently with an IRS agent or IRS Revenue Officer. This allow us to structure a settlement or compromise that is easier for you to comply with.

Utilizing the (CAP) collection appeals program in Chandler can keep the impacts of a lien, seizure or levy from becoming permanent. Successfully appealing a collection can keep an official filing from occurring if it is performed soon enough. This can stop the negative effects that occur with such a filing, like a lowered credits score, wage garnishments, bank levies, and more. It can also be easier to reach a favorable agreement before the IRS has officially filed.

Call LBS Tax Today!

Although it can seem like the IRS’s interest in you is personal, your case is just one of many. Their goal is always a repayment of back taxes owed, and they aren’t opposed to long-term structured payments when they believe it will benefit them. Our goal is to ensure it benefits you as well, impacting your quality of life as little as possible. Don’t let the IRS act with impunity. Just because you don’t have the backing of the federal government behind you doesn’t mean you are alone. We know the law, we’re respected by the IRS, and we work for your interests, not theirs. Call (480) 644-1249 or Contact Us today for professional collection appeals in Chandler. We also provide payroll services, bookkeeping, and help with tax preparation.

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