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Past Due Taxes

Are your tax returns past due?

If you have unfiled tax returns that are past due with either the IRS or the states we can help get you caught up. It can happen and once it does I know it can be overwhelming. Many questions come to mind, such as where to start? What do I about missing documents? How far do I need to go back or even what do I need to do? How many of these past years do I need to file?

There are different options when tax returns haven’t been filed on time. Each case is different. One of the first things we may do is to look and see what the IRS has done if anything. Sometimes they have filed a tax levy. They have the right to file a return if you haven’t filed one in 3 years. So we may need to see if they filed a return on your behalf? Generally, if they do this in their best interest not yours. It is never for your benefit. Their goal is to get you to file a correct tax return. Even if they haven’t filed a return, it could just be a matter of time before they do.

We will create a plan with you that is based on your situation. We may need to assist you in retrieve tax information from the IRS or assist you in getting tax documents if they are available. We may even have a staff member create books for your business based on records you provide to us.

Remember, there is help at LBS Tax. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and once you have filed your past due tax returns you will have peace of mind.

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Are your tax returns past due?

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