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Full Service Accounting and Tax

Posted on by LBS Tax

Knowing when to turn over your small business bookkeeping is an important part of growing your business. In the beginning, maybe you had to do it or maybe you wanted to do it, but as time has gone on it has become a chore that only gets done because you have to file your taxes. […]

Are your tax returns past due?

Posted on by LBS Tax

If you have unfiled tax returns that are past due with either the IRS or the states we can help get you caught up. It can happen and once it does I know it can be overwhelming. Many questions come to mind, such as where to start? What do I about missing documents? How far […]

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes To Avoid Before Tax Season

Posted on by LBS Tax

Bookkeeping is Complicated Small business owners have enough to worry about. Bookkeeping in Chandler shouldn’t be another responsibility on top of the overhead, employees, production, profit, and other priorities. Meanwhile businesses need some way to keep a close eye on expenses, cash flow, and profit–especially when tax seasons comes around. And when tax deadlines loom, […]

Reward yourself with proper retirement preparedness

Posted on by LBS Tax

Retirement Preparedness Preparing for retirement can help you to live the post-professional life you want. There are a number of important considerations to make before you do so though. Visiting with an accountant can help you identify your total-post employment income, including social security benefits and how long any 401K and IRA accounts will last […]

Business Mileage Deduction: Track it properly now, save a bundle later.

Posted on by LBS Tax

Business Mileage Deduction There are a variety of deductions you can claim on your taxes. For those who travel for business, it’s important to take them where and when you can. Business mileage deduction can really add up over the course of a year, and offers two ways to save. The options are: Business Mileage […]

Saving Money with AZ Tax Credits

Posted on by LBS Tax

AZ Tax Credits People donate far more money than they realize. Charities, tuition programs, schools, private organizations, and even spring cleaning yield opportunities for donation. It’s easy to discount them. Your child’s school fundraiser in September. A cash donation to the state military relief fund in December. Spring garage sale proceeds to the TANF. Individually […]

Tax Tips for the Recently Married

Posted on by LBS Tax

Love and Taxes With wedding season in full swing, many newlyweds are off on their honeymoons with tax season likely to be the last thing on their minds. Though very few couples will consider the ramifications of marriage for filing purposes before it occurs, many forget to consider it afterwards. Knowing how to prepare before […]

Identity Theft and you: Protecting yourself in the digital age

Posted on by LBS Tax

Identify Theft With more and more of our information on-line through social media outlets, and companies going digital, it can be easy to forget that digital space doesn’t operate under the same rules that physical space does. If someone wants access to physical documents they have to be present. Keeping important documents in your home […]

Saving big on property sales tax with a 1031 Exchange.

Posted on by LBS Tax

The IRS loves collecting taxes, and if you don’t do your homework, they’ll gladly take your money whenever possible. Any accountant will tell you they can’t count the number of times clients have come in to meet with them after a major transaction. In many instances this doesn’t have an effect on their filing, but […]

What to bring for your Tax Preparation

Posted on by LBS Tax

Tax Preparation Proper tax preparation is incredibly important. When you get tax preparation in Chandler it pays to be prepared. A good tax preparer is incredibly thorough. In order to provide you with the best service possible, specific documentation is needed. If you don’t have them, you’ll be required to retrieve them, and may even […]


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