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How To Check The Status Of Your Stimulus Check

We want to keep you informed and updated on how to get your stimulus checks.


The IRS has opened the web portal, on April 15th, 2020, for all 2018, and 2019 filers to get their stimulus checks . Please make sure to pass this information along to friends and family to keep them updated, as well.



If you have not filed, please try to get at least one of the two years filed for now, if you’re in need of your check. We are still taking clients, just give us a call!



Here is the link to the portal so you can check the status of your check:


There are two columns on this page. The left side is open for persons who have filed in 2018, and 2019. Just click the button and follow the instructions on screen to submit your information.


The right side is for persons who no longer have a need to file, and who didn’t make enough to file for both 2018, and 2019 t

ax years. This does not mean people who opted out of filing when they should have. 


Please Note: If you are receiving a message saying that the IRS cannot process your eligibility, we cannot call the IRS to find out what is going on as there is no one in the office to gather information on this from. We can only speculate, based off of talking to a few people and employees, that if you owe the IRS you will not receive your checks right away.

Currently, filers who have direct deposit set up for the 2018 and 2019 year, will be receiving their deposits first in increments. For those who need to update the direct deposit information or add it, the IRS will be updating their portal for people to enter this information. Once we receive this information, we will send an email out to everyone on our mailing list of when this is active. 


For those who have no, or wish not to give their direct deposit information, the IRS will be sending checks out in weekly waves based on the income reported by the 2018, and 2019 tax return information. As of now, the first checks will be distributed the first week of May for those filers who made $10,000.00 or less. The second week with be for those who made $20,000.00 and so forth. This means if you reported making $100,00 or more you will not be seeing this check until some time in September.


If you have any questions, or need to get either your 2018, or 2019 tax year filed, feel free to give us a phone call and we will get you set up!

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How To Check The Status Of Your Stimulus Check

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