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COVID-19 Update: Tax Returns and Small Business Relief

A Message From Your Team at LBS Tax

March 31st, 2020

To all,
As we go through this difficult time, we are all struggling with how the COVID-19 situation will affect us. With regard to the tax world, we understand not everyone knows the latest developments or can rely on the rumors they are hearing. We would like to keep you informed of a few things as we learn of them.

IRS Customer Service Offices Closed

As of now, most of the IRS customer service offices are closed due to the virus. Tax returns are still in process if they have been e-filed. However, paper returns are being processed at a much slower pace as there is limited to no staff in the service centers. Calls to the IRS will go unanswered as those offices are too large to remain open.

Auditors and other compliance officers are working remotely on files, and we are still working on those cases. Offer-In-Compromise cases that have been assigned are still being worked on as well. So, if your case is assigned to someone, we are still able to work on it.

Some States Have Extended Tax Filing Deadlines

Most of you know and have seen that the IRS and Arizona State extended their filing and tax payment deadlines to July 15th. However, not all states have agreed to this deadline. California, for example, has extended its deadline for both filing taxes and paying taxes to June 15th.

New Governmental Programs

Please understand that in addition to working on tax returns, we are trying to understand the new government programs to help taxpayers through this time. The staff will be taking a class on the Family First Coronavirus Response Act so that we can explain the program to you, as we are hearing incorrect information in the media. We will continue updating you as we are able to get accurate information.

You May Be Eligible For Government Assistance

Small businesses, including taxpayers who are self-employed, will have several government programs to assist them. We have several members on our team working on these. One of our team members has been through the BP oil spill, and the government programs that were released at that time are very similar to the new programs being issued. These programs will help cover payroll for employees, payroll taxes, and employer healthcare and retirement expenses so that employers can keep their workforce employed.

Call Our Office To Find Out If Your Business Is Eligible For Assistance

As of Sunday, March 29th, more details on the two business relief plans were issued. Please call our office, as your business could be eligible for up to $2 million in government assistance to keep your business operating during this time of crisis.

With regards from all of us here at LBS,
Stay safe and stay healthy.

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COVID-19 Update: Tax Returns and Small Business Relief

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