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What Should I Save For My Taxes?

Posted on by LBS Tax

Taxes can be a burden! No one wants to pay them, but we all have to deal with it at […]

Tax Filing Season is Over….Right?  Why You May Need to File an Amended Return!

Posted on by Michelle

Tax Filing Season is Over….Right? Why You May Need to File an Amended Return Few people look forward to tax […]

3 Alternatives to Explore Before You File for Bankruptcy

Posted on by Michelle

Drowning in debt, and working harder and harder to make ends meet? You may think a bankruptcy filing is the […]

Why Not Put Off Filing Your Taxes

Posted on by Michelle

With the coronavirus pandemic on foot and still around, it’s tempting to put off filing your return. Especially with the […]

Tax Relief &COVID-19

Posted on by Michelle

The coronavirus came and took the world by storm, forcing everyone to seek “shelter at home” and to change their […]

Here is What You Need to Know for The New Tax Date, July 15th.

Posted on by Michelle

COVID-19 shook the world and left it upside down. With most of the country shut down, businesses closed, and “stay-at-home” […]


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