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Welcome to Lewis Business Services

We understand that filing taxes is not an easy matter. The filing process can be complicated, cumbersome and at times can overwhelm individuals and businesses. To make matters worse, the tax laws are changing constantly, and if the law didn't change, the IRS focus did.

At LBS Tax our mission is to provide every client with an accurately prepared tax return while maximizing deductions and minimizing taxes.

We are licensed by the IRS and offer year-round service to individuals and small to mid size businesses.


Financial Statements: How They Help Your Company Succeed

financial statementsOf course there is the obvious reason why keeping up-to-date, accurate financial statements helps a business do well: Knowing where the business stands means knowing how to act on its behalf. Designating a person in-house or using a bookkeeping service in Chandler is a business imperative

Better Decision Making

Knowing where a company stands allows management to make smart, quick decisions. When an influx of business comes in, a company can decide on the best hiring option. Knowing what funds are available for purchasing and adding venders is nearly a real-time requirement in today’s fast changing market. Having financial records which are regularly updated will allow managers and financial planners to do their job efficiently and more to the companies benefit.

If You Sell

Just having regular, accurate statements available when a potential buyer reviews a business’s records will make a good impression from the start. A lack of financial statements or statements that are inconsistently kept give the appearance that the business is in a shabby state. Buyers will have to consider the fact that they will not have a complete picture of the company they are looking into purchasing. On the other hand, having profit and loss statements for each quarter allows a company to look appealing. Showing increasing profits as well as strong organization will instill a sense of security for the buyer. When it comes to verifying records, financial documentation already exist so an independent accounting consultant will take much less time reviewing and approving them.

Looking for Trends

Things change fast in the world of e-commerce. Everything from where you rank on a Google search to how many likes you have on social media significantly impacts business. Financial statements will show a company where trends lie. From there those financial trends can be compared to what efforts, ranking, or advertising has been done. It becomes easy to see what is working and what is not. Likewise, you can see what products or services are moving at what times, again improving better business decisions.

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Top 3 Benefits of Using a Payroll Service

Payroll service--working for you.Payroll can be time consuming. Employees come up with questions you don’t have a quick answer for, causing you to make time to research the answer. Mistakes or missed punches create a hassle. Needing the ongoing time to process time cards while balancing the pressure of other management duties can easily become overwhelming. Having a payroll service in Chandler eases this important burden, freeing up managers and supervisors to focus on daily business.

1. Keeping up with Payroll Laws

When it comes to state and federal laws, there is a lot to know about payroll. Hours and rates of overtime, changes to tax withholdings and the like are often adjusted from year to year. Not keeping up could cause a company to have to pay penalties. Not having the right pay information could also create a situati
on where employees need to be compensated for backpay or where they have been overpaid. Either situation can become very unpleasant for the employees and the company. A payroll service has the knowledge and expertise to make sure this doesn’t happen.

2. Correct Tax Reports

Small businesses often payout hefty penalties for inaccurate or untimely taxes. Taking the time to accurately gather and report tax information to the IRS is a job in itself. Having a payroll service alleviates the need for a company to track and report this information. When it comes time to report taxes, you will have the information ready and be assured it is accurate.

3. Ongoing Support that Won’t Leave

Having a payroll service is like having a help-desk at the other end of the phone. You can call and get answers to payroll laws, specific hours an employee has worked, or how much payroll has has cost from one year compared to the previous year—just to name a few items. All this will continue to be available without ever giving two-week’s notice. Having someone in-house process your payroll and bookkeeping could mean not having access to this kind of information if that person leaves the company. With a payroll service these records will remain safe, year-after-year, with no worry about hiring and training a new person in hopes that he or she is able to get up to speed.

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How A Business Plan Can Help Your Business

business planIf you run your own business, you know how difficult it can be at times, especially as the economy rises and falls throughout the years. The best way to handle the changing times is to form a business plan that will set your business up for success. A business plan has many advantages that can keep your business going and help you expand your market as time goes on. If you need help forming your business plan, a tax professional in Chandler can work with you to develop something that works. By setting up a business plan, you set your business up for success now and well into the future.

Sets Goals and Strategies

While you go about your daily routines, it can be easy to forget what your original strategies and goals were. By setting a business plan and sticking to it, you will always have those overall goals in mind. This means that as you go about your daily routines, you will not forget what you are working towards. Your business will be set up for success this way, as you and your employees will keep the bigger picture in mind and will be less likely to stray off track as the grind goes on.

Delegation Benefits

By forming a business plan, you will be better able to set responsibilities to your employees. This will also help clarify the responsibilities each person has to take care of every day. Without a business plan, these tasks can get confusing and people may begin to argue over who needs to do what. With a business plan, each person will know his or her task, and will have a set goal to accomplish that task each and every day. As a whole, your business will thrive when everyone knows what is expected.

Better Planning and Managing

Mismanagement is the bane of any business, and often results in troubles arising. With a business plan developed and implemented on your business, you will be better able to manage cash flow and plan for future endeavors. With the help of a professional, you can turn a business plan into a guide that allows you, your staff, and your business to thrive well into the future. This is better for everyone involved and will set you up for success.

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